Thursday, August 4, 2011

♛♕♛ Fairy Tale ♛♕♛

                      Once upon a time, a lot of us grew up witnessing fairy tales unfold before our eyes through magical screens and through pages and pages tucked away in books. We grew up believing in and wanting our own happily ever afters. We dreamt of one day living the rest of their lives incredibly happy with someone who make our hearts skip a beat and makes us smile unlike no other person can. We believed that one day, the stories we’re a part of would turn in to our own fairy tales, and we would one day meet our Prince Charming or Cinderella. Somewhere in life though, many of us grew up and became hesitant to believe in happily ever afters and one day we opened our eyes and realize those dreams we once had just faded away. And reality causes us to be cynical and scoff at how naive we once were to have dreamt for something that now seems like an impossibility. We let go of the concept of fairytales, for we let life defeat us in thinking it is not and will not ever be a fairy tale. But tell me what’s wrong with dreaming for something amazing. What’s wrong with wanting to be like Cinderella and believing that love is not prejudiced no matter how much life brings your down and hopeless it seem. What’s wrong with wanting to be like Beast and believe that no matter how ugly you feel, the beauty inside you will shine through and love can prevail. Heck, what’s wrong with being Shrek and believing even when you feel like you’re not worth it and no one can love you, you can totally wrong and still be loved.So just because you’re growing up, don’t let let your dreams fade and stop believing in fairy tales. Cause even though they are such a rarity and it seems like this world is too cruel to let such a thing come true, we should never stop dreaming to be happy. And one day, you’ll meet someone who will help you believe in fairy tales all over again and you will live happily ever after.

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