Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Tell me whats this sudden feeling, of an attachment to another human being, could this be something i'm dreaming or actually seeing. I fear that this will pass, so i never open up, i was told i had no class, thats why i keep my heart boarded SHUT. I live for other's and never for my self, they tell me chase money and power all for the wealth, but how to you forget about happiness and the little people inbetween, it's a shame that we must suffer over a 6 inch piece of paper with a dead president, that's green. I offer you though a different path, something unique, this is a feeling that is endless only if you give it time to grow and believe. See happiness is rare really hard to find, sometimes many people's happiness only lives within there minds, but can't you see that some conjure it up to be real, this is happiness a feeling you can forever truely feel. I mean the times you fall down and feel like you can barely stand, to have that person come and pick you up by your hand, to know that the load on your back you don't have to carry alone, that even when you are feeling dark you have that someone to help guide back to light or safe zone. I mean why live for those who don't matter, because they aren't living to impress you, why follow there standards, when all the so called standards they say towards you can't even be accomplished by them so how are their words even true. See, i break free from the places they once ventured captilized on my pure talents but i really wasn't by myself, Many will say it's luck but the truth is i am blessed, God gave me my special talents just like her gave everyone else. I just learned how to use and progress mine into money, who says you need a degree, just take your talents and turn that into an endless money tree.

There is no truth in saying the people with college degree's make more money it's truely a mindset thing. I know personally i make more than many college students and all of it, is just based off the things i am good at. 1.God 2.Talking 3.Go getter 4.Dedication 5.Preservance. 6.Resistance to failure. 7. Determination. 8. Goal. 9. Dream. 10. ACHIEVER.

P.s. I was told there are 3 types of people in this world, those that never know what happened, those that watch what happened, and those that make things happen, when i was kid i decided to be the last one. 

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