Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lost In The Shuffle.

         Don’t we all sometimes have this feeling like we’re just lost within this complex maze called life without a compass or a map for direction. I know I have. It’s like I’m still trying to find my place in this world when everyone seems to know who they are and where they belong. In some ways, it’s as if everyone else were given manuals on how to get through each day and someone misplaced a copy you give to you. 

And each day it’s as if we fighting a battle alone to not get lost in the shuffle of life. But I think a lot of people feel this way. Life is confusing and it’s tough to understand the complexity of it know what the right choices are, to know if you’re taking the right path, and to even understand why we were even placed in this world. But chances are, over 6 billion people feel that they are the only one lost in this world. Reality is, we’re all trying to find our ways through life with every other person

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