Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never Fully Loved

It's funny how you can love someone with all your heart, but they love someone else with all they heart, but the person they love happens to love someone else with all they heart an endless cycle.

I mean where is there to begin, to tell a story of a cycle so this should never end. It's like she gives me all her love but only half the time and it's more than love that keeps my hope alive. See my hope of having her all to me, but that can never be, because she is in love with him, and he's in love with the girl that is in love me. I know what your thinking, how about switching, but i've worked to build this too, why am i confused over who to chose. I see she wants him just as bad as i want her, i could treat her with the happiness and true love that she deserves, but she never gives me that full love how can this ever occur. Whats the real difference between him and I, I bet he doesn't sit up at night wishing you always be in his life, but whats the real difference between her and you, i bet your thinking he justs wants to have the two, but sometimes well in my case that is never true. I feel i can love more than just one person, if i couldn't why am i so happy with another, but at the same time your heart seems to worsen, because truly underneath your cheating on your significate other. Whats a man to do, i'm crossed with a decision that affects her, him, and you. I love her and she loves him, he loves her and she loves me, how the f*** could this possibly be happening, this is so, so hard to picture with just the captioning, only one makes it to the top of the denominator someone help me with the factoring. This is my decision, to forever live in my world thats a prison, stuck in my mind's own parrell dimension, if i can't find my way then i'll be stuck in this hole, funny how this story goes on and on, CIRCLE. 

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