Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The One

     When you're really, truly in love, when you have undeniably found your soul mate, when no one else can turn your head, when you're thankful for that rain storm because it means spending the night in his or her arms, when you have no recognition of what temptation is, when you know that he or she is THE ONE, they shouldn’t make your knees weak, they should give you the strength to walk when it seems like all you know how to do is fall. They shouldn’t turn your stomach with “butterflies” they should, instead, give you wings to fly. They shouldn’t sweep you off your feet, they should hold you tight so you never fall, but if you should fall, let it be because you fell together. They shouldn’t have to catch you, they should be already holding you, taking that leap with you. At least that’s how he is, and I hope you all find someone like him…

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