Saturday, September 17, 2011

Basso & Brooke SS12

London Fashion Week
September 16, 2011

           Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke are known for their signature prints. Almost (if not every) collection is full of colourful and captivating prints. My favourite being the collection from Spring/Summer 2010. But for SS12, the duo take there love for prints to a whole new extreme. Inspired by Dichotomy (splitting of a whole into exactly two non-overlapping parts), birds and walls, Basso & Brooke have created a collection that would probably blow-up the colour system on a high definition television.

The silhouette’s are smooth and fluid with plenty of draping material and twisting fronts. The pair mixed different patterns together, creating a messy print on the garment which somehow looked right. Sometimes colourful printed designs can look very tacky if the garment isn’t well designed, but Basso and Brooke did not have this problem. Everything looked rather elegant in a strange and wonderful way. 

     While the majority of the garments would only be worn by the brave and fearless, the collection had plenty of less outrageous prints on sophisticated frocks which would appeal to the wider audience. I just love this collection so much and if I was a women, I would wear every single piece.

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