Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visit @ Uncle Boboy & Auntie Pilar's Crib (8/15/2011)

My uncle and Auntie invited us to visit their new house. The color of their house is Pink & i'm wearing pink that time. Everybody knows  i hate Pink. but i don't have choice, cause i wan't to wear a comfy loose shirt that time and that's the only comfy shirt available in my closet/wardrobe. check out the photos.. 
sorry for the late post. ;)

Papa, lolo, Julia & Me 

             My Grandpa & GrandMa & the Baby (i forgot the name of the baby)! HAHAHA 

My Mom & Julia (our neighbor)! 

My Ever Handsome GrandPa! ;)

Dirk & Julia ;)

Have a Good Day Everyone!

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