Monday, October 31, 2011


This is the first 3KM Run for a cause in our Baranggay and i want to be part of this event. There's a 20 pesos registration for those who want to join. And all of the money will proceeds to the indigenous children..     
I woke up early . so, me and my cousins went to the Rizal Park at 4:35 am. when we arrived, the baranggay officials are already giving the Fun Run shirt. tamang-tama! They said that the fun run will start at 5:00 am, but then it started at around 6 o'clock. what is Filipino time! Here's some pictures:


                                     The 3 Musketeers & the Epal!                                          

                                                          Tres Marias!

                                                     Mj & Hazel

                                                         MJ & Joy Grace

My Number..

Blezzie's Number...

Noeme's Number...

It ended at 8:25. I really enjoyed it.!

Have a Great Day Everyone! -janeobsessions

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